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Jit Murad Has Died Today- Jit Murad, a well-known Malaysian theatre actor, director, and playwright, died earlier today.

Jo Kukathas, a fellow theatre veteran, verified the news, adding that he died at his home in Kuala Lumpur. He was 62 years old.

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His stage career extended from 1987’s Caught in the Middle until 2009’s One Load of Bull Jit. He also appeared in a number of films over the years, including Mat Gelap, Selubung, Mimpi Moon, and Split Gravy on Rice.

Jit co-founded Instant Cafe Theatre with fellow actors Jo Kukathas, Andrew Leci, and Zahim Albakri in 1989. It was a Malaysian theatre company that went on to challenge and redefine the art form. It performed comedies in theaters as well as serious dramas in nightclubs. It performed Shakespeare outside and political satire at official events.

He authored his debut play, Gold Rain And Hailstones, in 1992, and it has since become a legendary piece in Malaysian theatre. The play explores the concepts of belonging, identification, and home, all of which have resurfaced in numerous incarnations of the production, including a successful remounting in 2019.

Cause of death Yet to be ascertained. Jit has received a flood of tributes on social media.

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