iOS 15: New upgrades and Improvements [2021]

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iOS 15: New upgrades and Improvements [2021]

iOS 15: new upgrades, new App library layout, default app features, third-party app updates, Siri improvements & more interactive widgets

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iOS 15: New upgrades and Improvements [2021]
iOS 15: New upgrades and Improvements [2021]

iOS 14 was one of the most significant improvements, and Apple can improve it significantly with iOS 15 releases in 2021. Here are five ideas that could make iOS even better.

Apple is expected to make an announcement on iOS 15 later this year. There are several things that Apple should consider when it announces iOS 15 updates in order to make the future software release unforgettable. People will remember the year 2020 because of the iOS 14 releases. For years, a considerable number of individuals have complained that iOS has become stale and boring. Apple listened to these issues and released iOS 14 with a slew of new features, including improved home screen personalization, widgets, a more organized app list, and more.

The major design improvements in iOS 14 are a fantastic match for the iPhone 12 smartphone series. It debuted with its own set of fantastic visual improvements. Apple’s decision to offer flat and sharp edges was a refreshing change of pace after years of rounded and smooth aesthetics. Despite the fact that the 12 and 12 Pro appear very much like iPhones, it was a fantastic move. The iPhone in 2020 was amazing and exciting from both a hardware and software viewpoint.

Now that we’ve reached the year 2021, there are rumors going that the iPhone 13 will get ultra-fine refinement this year. Upgrades to the display, CPU, and camera, among other things, may be included in these refinements. However, the iPhone 13 smartphone series’ overall appearance and feel may be comparable to that of its predecessor. The software that Apple will release with iOS 15 is just as important as the hardware. Apple may be able to capitalize on this opportunity by employing a similar strategy.

There were a lot of significant changes last year. With this year’s iOS release, it’s safe to assume that Apple will focus on fine-tuning some of those improvements. As the release of iOS 15 approaches, here are five innovations that will help it stand out from the competition.

Extended Home Screen customization

In iOS, users can now see more customizations than ever before. These changes allow them to hide unwanted home screens, add widgets, and access the App Library to see all of the apps they’ve loaded. You can also find a few more workarounds to expand your personalization possibilities. For example, you may utilize Siri Shortcuts to create personalized icons for various apps. With the release of version 15, Apple now has the space and chance to extend things more intelligently and significantly.

For beginners, it would be fantastic if the tech giant allowed users to set widgets and apps on their home screens anywhere they wanted. Widgets and apps, on the other hand, must still comply to the placement restrictions. It implies that if you want two rows of program icons at the bottom of the screen and widgets at the top, without anything in the between, it’s just not possible. However, despite the fact that it is a request for a relatively basic feature, the tech giant has yet to adopt it. The causes behind this are unknown at this time.

Apple should explore integrating custom app icons as a full-fledged feature rather than depending on workarounds when it comes to them. Using custom icons with Siri Shortcuts is OK. But, like Android has done for a long time, the tech giant should go even further by officially supporting a third-party icon pack.

It will be beneficial to developers who wish to generate third-party icons in order to assist iPhone users in customizing their home screens. Additionally, as users begin seeking for new icon packs to download, this move will help drive more and more traffic to the App Store.

New Layout of App Library

When iOS 14 was released, the App Library received a significant upgrade. It enables users to see all of their installed apps in a more organized manner. Furthermore, it automatically organized everything, including files, folders, and other items, into specified areas. There’s also a search box for finding certain apps. The App Library, however, still has a lot of room for improvement. Apple should consider allowing users to rearrange the order of their folders in order to make the app more functional and practical.

Default App Features

With iOS 14, users can now utilize third-party apps to replace a few first-party apps. When you wish to click on a certain website link, for example, you can open it in Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or another web browser instead of Safari. Currently, only email apps and web browsers have the option to open as default apps. Its improvement is predicted with iOS 15.

Although Apple Maps has improved significantly since its launch, it would be preferable if clicking on any address link instantly launched Waze or Google Maps. Also, given the restrictions of Apple Calendar apps in comparison to third-party apps, it would be fantastic if the tech giant made third-party programs like Readdle’s Calendar apps, Google Calendar, or any other similar apps the default application.

Apart from these, the functioning of third-party defaults might be improved significantly. When you turn off your iPhoneFree Web Content, it resets the default app options, returning them to the Apple ones. Even if you turn off your iPhone, you can expect these options to stay in place.

Siri Improvements

With each iOS update, Apple has always included some Siri improvements. However, it falls behind Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing Apple opportunity for improvement. However, it will be tough for Apple to correct all of Siri’s flaws in a single iOS release. Over time, Siri has become more natural-sounding, smarter, and faster. In 2021, the tech giant must continue to improve all of its features.

More Interactive and Useful Widgets

Apple can take advantage of the iOS 15 updates to make widgets even more interactive and helpful than they are now. Without a question, iOS widgets have always been visually stunning, with widespread adoption over time. However, their full potential is not being fully realized. Until now, you could utilize widgets to display information and link to places within the app using simple buttons.

While making widgets considerably more practical in iOS would require and require a massive rethinking, the tech giant can still accomplish a lot. Consider how you’ll feel if you can control your favorite music from the Spotify widget, scroll through a range of facts on the Fitness app, or utilize the Reminders wizard to keep track of things you’ve performed. These are just a few examples; there is still more to be done.

iOS 15: New upgrades and Improvements [2021]

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What is the release date for iPhone 15?

iOS 15 will be released in the fall of 2021.

What will be in iOS 15?

1.Extended Home Screen customization
2.New Layout of App Library
3.Default App Features
4.Siri Improvements
5.More Interactive and Useful Widgets

Which phones are compatible with iOS 15?

1. iPod touch (7th Generation)
2. iPhone SE (1st and 2nd Generation)
3. iPhone 6S & 6S plus
4. iPhone 7 & 7 plus
5. iPhone 8 & 8 plus
6. iPhone X & XR
7. iPhone XS & XS max
8. iPhone 11, 11 pro & 11 pro max
9. iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 pro & 12 pro max

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