How to Reset Cisco Router password 2021

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How to Reset Cisco Router password 2021

Users frequently forget their internet router passwords, resulting in a variety of problems. The most irritating thing for them is when they badly want to get into their routers but are unable to do so. Cisco routers are well-liked all across the world. They are excellent at offering high-quality network connectivity services.

However, when it comes to resetting the router’s password, users frequently run into problems because the password reset technique can appear to be rather complicated. If you have one of the Cisco routers at your location and are having trouble resetting its password, continue reading this article to learn how to reset Cisco router password.

How to Reset Cisco Router password 2021

Steps To Reset Password Of A Cisco Router

  • To begin, connect one end of the DB9 cord/cable to the serial port on the Cisco router device and the other end to the Console port on the back.
  • Now you’ll need to set up a serial connection using the following settings:
  • The baud is set to 9600.
  • Data bits is set to 8.
  • Parity set to No
  • Stop bits set to 1
  • Flow Control set to None
  • You’ll need to use PuTTY for this connection
  • To break the boot process, simply reset your Cisco router and then click the Break key.
  • To bypass NVRAM during the bootup process, type config 0x2142 into your computer. Don’t worry, your current settings will not be lost.
  • To reset your Cisco router, type Reset and select No from the execute setup menu.
  • After that, type Copy Start-Run to load the startup configuration to memory, and your name should appear in the prompt box.
  • To update the enable secret, type “enable secret new password” and then “config-register 0x2102” to change the register to 0x2102
  • After that, reboot your Cisco router and load the old settings together with the new password.
  • Simply store the password at last so that the device is persistent during reboots, and then type copy run start.

How to Reset Cisco Router password 2021

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Is Cisco router good?

Cisco Routers are simple to set up and are basic in a good way. the CPU’s capacity as well as its resistance It’s simple to set up and utilize. A cost-effective system with quick response times, ease of deployment, and low maintenance costs.

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