Government Jobs Craze In Nepal. [2021]

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Government Jobs Craze In Nepal. [2021]

The thirst for government jobs is the major issue among Nepalese young. It is affecting Nepalese youth’s ability to think, and Nepalese youth start preparing for these competitive government jobs influence by society, marketing strategies by coaching and so on. Government Jobs Craze In Nepal. [2021]

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Both the problem and the solution are discussed in this article.

Government Jobs Craze In Nepal. [2021]
Government Jobs Craze In Nepal. [2021]

Government Job Craze in Nepal

Without a doubt, government jobs are more attractive to Nepalese youth than private sector jobs. The majority of Nepalese parents want their children to compete in government job exams. This perspective does not originate in the modern world; rather, it is a traditional worldview that has impacted a huge number of Nepalese youths.

Now Questions arrives

Why do Nepalese youth prefer government jobs in comparison to  other jobs?

The answer is simple

  • High Salary in starting
  • The Job Security
  • Medical allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Home allowance
  • The most important factor is a high level of social respect and recognition.
  • Less work or responsibility in some jobs.
  • More comfortable job and fewer challenges.

So, everyone in our culture tells us about these benefits, and we believe these are beneficial to us without understanding the truth. The majority of students or aspirants are unaware of or confused about their career since they do not know their life’s goal or aspiration.

Mostly middle class or economically weaker aspirants are more interested toward public sector (govt. job). This is a dream job for any aspirants who are preparing for , Banking, Engineering, Army and in Medical sector.

It is very common in Nepal; if you look at a small section of a society, you will find a huge number of aspirants preparing for the Government Jobs.

Job Security

The current circumstance has an impact on and provides the correct answer as to why job security is so important in Nepal. People are aware of the significance of job security. In comparison to private jobs, no one can dismiss an employee as easily in government jobs.

As a result, Indian youth are hesitant to start their own firm or become entrepreneurs. They like to stay in their familiar surroundings.

High Respect and Recognition in the society

Parents and society have been establishing in their children the power of public servants and the bribe system since childhood. They explained the officer’s rank and how three stars on your uniform can change your life.

So that’s it for the government job craze in Nepal.

Moving on to the reality that government job applicants experience in their daily lives, no one seems to be talking about it.

I’ve just described and highlighted the need of youngsters for government jobs. So, the reality is, you will receive all of these advantages if you pass the exam, which is extremely tough in contrast to other exams. Nobody is giving you the truth about this trap now.

Every year, Lakhs of aspirants register for this competitive exam, but there are only a few vacancies.

Clearly, if you’re preparing for a government job, you’re in the rat race. Candidates join the race because they are unaware of, or we can say that they begin studying for these exams after being influenced by society, friends, videos they see on YouTube or other social media platforms, and advertisements they see on their smart phone.

Coaching employs a number of simple marketing strategies. By displaying a banner or poster of a student who passed the exam and coaching target applicants with statements such as “You’ll be the Next,” This is one of the most attractive quotes that is destroying our future and current generations.

These are affecting aspirants’ or, more specifically, Indian parents’ mindsets, and simply showing how important and simple it is for an aspirant to secure a government job by participating in their online or offline classes.

However, the problem with the coaching facility is that they do not disclose how many students prepared for government jobs in their coaching that year and how many of those students actually passed the exam out of all the students. What is their institute’s success rate as a percentage of all students?

The goal of a coaching center is to make money out from candidates by not providing sufficient guidance and not telling them whether or not this field is right for them.

Please do not waste your time, effort, or money at this coaching center because the proprietor of these institutes is living a luxurious life on your parents’ money.

Now, what is the solution for this problem?

The solution is simple career counseling.

Government Jobs Craze In Nepal. [2021]

If a coaching center does not appoint a career counselor, it may be the responsibility of parents or students to seek advise from a career counselor if they truly do not want to waste their time and money in this competition.

Coaching and teachers should relieve themselves of duty by blaming students, claiming that “today’s generation is not as serious about their career and studies,” or blaming the government, claiming that “the government is not providing adequate vacancies.”

It’s a request; parents should recognize the value of career counseling, and they waste a lot of money on coaching instead of doing what’s best for their children or students. In Nepal, I believe there is a fear of career guidance. We live in a modern world, which requires modern solutions.

However, the Government Job Craze is a good thing if you are truly passionate about it and have the patience, knowledgeFree Web Content, dedication, and consistency to pass this exam, and most importantly, if you are not fooled by the marketing methods of these coaching firms.

The most important thing is to “take action by doing what you truly desire for yourself and your parents.”

Government Jobs Craze In Nepal. [2021]

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Is government job worth it in Nepal?

Without a doubt, government jobs are more attractive to Nepalese youth than private sector jobs.

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