7 Best Mobile App Ideas in 2021 [New App Ideas]

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7 Best Mobile App Ideas in 2021 [New App Ideas]

According to projections, the market for on-demand mobile apps and websites will reach $335 billion by the end of 2025. If you’re thinking about getting into on-demand app development, we’ve compiled a list of seven suggestions to help you get started. Take advantage of the chance to become a well-known name in the mobile app development business.

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Mobile phone apps are in high demand among users looking for speed, usefulness, and convenience. With several outstanding inventions such as the uber clone app, the food delivery app, and others, the on-demand sector has been growing recently. These applications have become a significant part of people’s daily lives.

Furthermore, since the outbreak of the pandemic, many have been afraid to leave the house to buy anything. Everyone nowadays loves to have items delivered to their homes, which is a safer option in these times.

To get immediate and personalized services, users choose to use smartphone applications rather than websites. What was once a luxury has become a need. The most important focus on-demand should be on how on-demand applications reduce client effort without sacrificing service quality.

Best Mobile App Ideas in 2021 [New App Ideas]

1. On-demand Food Delivery App

7 Best Mobile App Ideas in 2021 [New App Ideas]

Despite the fact that this business has already grown significantly, there is still opportunity for more apps. We all need food to survive, and we can’t exist without it. Food is something that people will always order, regardless of the situation. With today’s fast-paced world, everyone is extremely busy with their lives; working people, in particular, rarely have time to come home and prepare; the most convenient alternative is to order food. People who want to work in this industry still have a lot of options.

2. On-Demand Taxi Booking App

The on-demand economy has quickly supplanted traditional company methods. The Uber App has brought the concept of on-demand technology. The travel patterns have completely changed. In this swiftly, opportunistic environment, no one wants to be left behind for more than a few seconds. With the greatest popularity of Uber App and Uber alternatives like as Lyft and Careem in a very short period of time, the transportation and logistics sector has taken a different direction. You’re going to do well in business, even if it’s difficult.

You may expect freight logistics apps, taxi apps, bus apps, e-scooter apps, and bicycle apps in the transportation industry. People want to get somewhere, and they need transportation options that are both convenient and affordable. You can establish your chosen niche with some compelling features in your on-demand service, such as Uber. Live traffic management, a GPS navigator, no additional cancellation fees, and the ability to reschedule journeys are just some of the services available.

3. On-Demand Fitness App

Every day, more people are becoming health-conscious. Everyone doesn’t have time to go to the gym and work out because of their busy schedules. As a result, the need for a fitness software developed almost fast, an app that enables you to keep active using simple strategies. Cult Fit, Calm, FitnessPal, and more fitness apps are available on the market. If you want to make money with a fitness app, you’ll need the help of the top on-demand app development company.

The subject of health and fitness is extensive. You might consider creating a fitness app with engaging content to keep your target audience engaged with your app.

4. On-Demand Fashion Apps

Fashion apps are a one-stop shop for everyone. There are few people who do not have Amazon, Flipkart, or Myntra on their phone. People are so addicted to internet shopping that these apps see a significant increase in revenue anytime they run a discount.

And the growth of these has only boosted during the lockdown as well as afterward. People don’t like to shop in crowded stores because there are so many patterns and collections. All you have to do is search for whatever you’re looking for, and you’ll be presented with thousands of options. Dresses, accessories, luggage, and watches—you name it, and it’s available. That’s how simple shopaholics’ lives have become because of these stylish applications.

5. On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we’ve all been fighting an unseen enemy. We can only fight by staying at home and keeping masked and sanitized. Despite the ease with which the regulations have been implemented, many are hesitant to leave their homes unless it is absolutely necessary, and we all know how important medicines are. That is why pharmaceutical delivery applications or pharma apps have become popular.

In this situation, anyone suffering from any sickness will have a dilemma when deciding whether or not to go out and get drugs, keeping in mind the safety of the situation. However, if you have an app that allows you to order medicines and have them delivered to your home, you will almost certainly use it.

The pharma applications assist you by allowing you to upload your prescription and have your medicines delivered, or by allowing you to select and purchase medicines.

6. On-Demand Service App

Let’s admit it: we’ve all waited days for a plumber, electrician, or carpenter to come to our house to fix anything. We don’t have any other choice but to depend on these guys for any household services that are required.

Now, things are changing, with the introduction of a home service app that allows you to select any service you require. You may schedule an appointment at any day and time you desire, and a service specialist will come to your location and repair it for you.

In today’s ultra-digital world, a startup must come up with something strong and efficient that distinguishes itself from its market competitors.

7. On-Demand Vehicle wash App

We live in a time when almost every home has at least one vehicle. Do we, on the other hand, have the time to clean our vehicles? The most likely response is no. We rarely have a day off in today’s fast-paced world, and no one wants to waste that day washing the automobile. So, what’s the answer? An app for vehicle wash!!!

A vehicle wash app saves you time by allowing you to schedule an appointment for a vehicle wash. The service providers will come to your area and pick up your vehicle, clean it, and return it to you. Payment is also made online, which eliminates a lot of headaches.

If you’re thinking about creating an on-demand app, a vehicle wash is a wonderful option to start.


The digital world is all on solving problems quickly.

On-demand apps are the next generation’s answer to all of your problems. An app provides a solution for everything, whether it’s booking a taxi, ordering food, receiving your medicines, or getting back into shape.

If you have a concept for an on-demand app, you should connect with the top app development company.

We hope you found this article useful in some way.

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What kind of apps are in demand in 2021?

1. On-demand Food Delivery App
2. On-Demand Taxi Booking App
3. On-Demand Fitness App
4. On-Demand Fashion Apps
5. On-Demand Medicine Delivery App
6. On-Demand Service App
7. On-Demand vehicle wash App

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