10 easy methods to speed up your Wi-Fi Internet connection 2021

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10 easy methods to speed up your Wi-Fi Internet connection 2021

According to a recent government report, broadband customers in the United Kingdom have “difficult” web connections.
According to a report by a coalition of more than 100 cross-party MPs, 5.7 million people do not have access to Ofcom’s minimum approved download speeds.
While scientists work on stronger wiring and connectivity to solve the problem,

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10 easy methods to speed up your Wi-Fi Internet connection 2021

Here are some suggestions for speeding up your Wi-Fi these days.

  • Place your router in the ideal location.

The best place for a router is in the middle of the house, on a table or shelf rather than on the floor. It helps to have the router visible, free of obstructions such as walls and interferences, as well as to aim the antennae straight up-wards. A researcher from Imperial College Birmingham discovered that it is optimal to restrict the number of walls and edges the signal must cross using the Helmhotlz formula. Placing it in the middle of the house could be the best method to avoid black patches.

  • It should be kept away from electronic devices.

Many people leave their routers near their TVs or phones, but this blocks the signal. It’s ideal to keep your router away from other electronic items like fairy lights, speakers, televisions, screens, and AC power connections.

  • Set it aside from wireless signals

Wireless Bluetooth speakers and baby monitors can interfere with your wireless signal. If keeping your router free of interference from other devices is impractical, invest in a dual band router.

  • Put your router inside a beer can

Make a DIY parabolic antenna out of a clear beer can — a reflecting casing that will block signal from other devices while increasing the signal from your router. Remove the top and bottom of the beer can, then cut it down the middle to create a sheet of metal. Wrap this around the back of your router’s antenna to make a dome, leaving the leads exposed – and there you have it. Empty Pringles can also be used to make basic Wi-Fi amplifiers.

  • Make use of a password

Password-protecting your home internet network can help it run faster while also providing important security. At any one time, keep an eye on which devices are connected to your network; more devices can result in slower speeds.

  • Set up your router to reboot on a regular basis.

Rebooting your router is a fail-safe method of increasing its speed. Set up an automated program to restart your Wi-Fi once a day or once a week, rather than doing it manually every time it becomes sluggish.

  • Change channels

Switching your Wi-Fi to a channel where your neighbors aren’t is a great way to boost it. 1, 6, and 11 are the greatest Wi-Fi channels in the United Kingdom.

  • Obtain a signal booster

Signals from high-gain antennas are stronger than those from antennas that incorporate the router. This could increase the variety and strength of your Wi-Fi network.
See what the Telegraph Recommenders think are the best Wi-Fi extenders on the market.

  • Get an additional router

A second router properly placed in your home can assist boost Wi-Fi connection.

  • Turn to new technology

The actual Eero wireless containers may tenfold enhance Wi-Fi speeds. Its three boxes work together to distribute Wi-Fi across a home without the need for additional wiring.

10 easy methods to speed up your Wi-Fi Internet connection 2021

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